About Nama
"We believe in helping people make better choices"

This begins at the root of what allows us to grow: a healthy lifestyle that inspires us, educates us, and pushes us toward our aspirations. We want this practice to work not only for the individual, but for the community.

It is those we surround ourselves with who make the greatest impact on our journey. This is where our confidence lies — in knowing that, together, we are making consistent choices that feel true to who we are and who we want to become.

We use the tools we’ve been given to positively impact our surroundings, both for ourselves and for those who are to learn from us. Though we are imperfect beings who each have our own challenges, we find peace in nurturing our bodies and minds. This brand is built on the idea that our wellness rituals will help everyone on their path to becoming better, every day.

"Rituals that nurture the body and mind"
Meet the founder, Dan, and his story

A significant health crisis in 2015 caused me to rethink how I wanted the rest of my life to look. I have launched Nama as a way to help and inspire others by providing our community with solutions to easily and economically add more real foods derived from plants, including fruits, vegetables, nuts and whole grains, into our daily food rituals. Real food nourishes us. Processed foods tend to make us sick.

In Nama, we dream of creating a collective enterprise where we can share what our partners and the community know about healthy lifestyles. We hope that through the products, services and information that we make available, that we are able to inspire our community to begin moving along the path of personal wellness. And that through this personal growth, they are able to touch and impact those around us.

Life truly is a journey. Nobody is perfect, me included. At Nama, we embrace this imperfection. To be human is to be an imperfect being. It is through little steps, taken daily, that we can move closer to the person that we know we are destined to become. It is through daily rituals that we can become better, every day.

Teaming with Joe Cross and Hurom

I met Joe Cross in July 2016 while I was on a family vacation to Shelter Island, New York. Two years later, Joe was an early investor in Nama. For the past 11 years, Joe has shared his passion for a healthy lifestyle that embraces juicing with millions. Together, we believe in the power of helping others create rituals that support not only their own wellness but the wellness of the community around them. This is a significant reason why the Nama team is grateful to have Joe as a lead ambassador. Alongside his team and worldwide community, Nama can provide you with inspiration, education, and tools that will encourage you in your pursuit of health and happiness.

As we formed our launch strategy, we strongly believed in our first product being a juicer. With over 10 years of juicing experience, I knew that ours would have to offer more than what currently exists. I’ve used various cold-pressed juicers, preferring the nutrient-rich, flavorful juice they produce, and my favorites have been from Hurom, a Korean manufacturer with 45 years of experience in developing high-quality appliances. Over the last 12 months, Nama has been able to work with their engineering team to launch a product that delivers better flavor and more juice in less time.

The Beginning of Nama
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