What is Cold Press Juicing?

The Nama Cold Press Juicer is a juice extractor that uses patented Pure Press Technology™ and True Taste Extraction™. This type of juicer is also known as a masticating juicer. The auger’s slow pressing speed of only 43 revolutions per minute (RPM) gently extracts the liquid and vital micronutrients from fruits and vegetables. This compares to other types of juicers that can operate at speeds up to 16,000 RPM. Our Pure Press Technology delivers a perfect balance of torque, speed and filtering, which allows you to juice whole produce that can fit into the chute like carrots, celery, and kale, without cutting into small pieces. Nama cold press juicing can be just as fast as centrifugal juicers, and produces a higher juice yield and drier pulp.


Our Cold Press Juicer uses True Taste Extraction, where the auger will slowly press fruits and vegetables against the 6,612 micro-perforations in the juice strainer. This action opens the food’s cell membranes and releases its deep-seated nutrients and enzymes. It also maximizes the extraction of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients, resulting in rich colors and pure flavors of juice. The slow RPM ensures that it does not disrupt the cellular structure of fruits and vegetables, minimizing oxidation and heat, preserving the precious enzymes and nutrients closest to its natural form.