Meet the Vitality 5800

Multiple strainers to create juices, smoothies, nut-milks and sorbets.

Pure Press Technology™

Our solution to juice whole produce that can fit into the chute, like carrots, celery and kale, without cutting into small pieces. It’s our perfect balance of torque, speed, and filtering.

Nutrient Dense

Maximizes extraction of the micronutrients that our bodies need to function at their best.

Maximum Juice

Get every last drop of nature’s liquid sunshine out of your fruits and vegetables.

Your path to wellness starts here.
True Taste Extraction™ for optimal flavor and nutrition.

The auger’s slow pressing speed of 43 revolutions per minute, keeps nutrients intact by minimizing oxidation and heat generation.

Smooth Texture

The juice strainer with 6,612 micro-perforations allows for maximum micronutrient extraction resulting in a smooth juice that’s easier for the body to absorb.

Pure Flavor

The spinning brush mixes the pure flavors of fruit and vegetable juices within the chamber and also wipes the strainer for easier cleaning.

Nut Milk

It’s never been easier to make your own nut milk. All you need are nuts, water and a few minutes.

Easy to Clean

Done preparing your juice? Clean up is quick and easy.

Attention to Detail

Countless hours and hundreds of prototypes lead us to the design innovations

5 Minutes After Juicing

Juice made by the Nama Cold Press Juicer retains more of its natural color, nutrients and cellular structure by minimizing oxidation and heat.

More for Your Money

Spend less on prepackaged and other store bought juices with Nama’s cold press juicing efficency.

Juice Strainer

Like your juice without pulp?

The micro holes will keep the pulp from getting into your juice.

Smoothie Strainer

Larger holes allow more pulp and fiber into your juice.

Sorbet Strainer

Treat yourself to more than juice with healthy frozen desserts.

Joe Cross

“The most effective juicer I’ve ever used is the Nama Cold Pressed Juicer.”

Safe for the Whole Family

The easy and convenient inlet is wide enough for larger ingredients, but designed to safely keep hands far from the chamber assembly.

10 Year Warranty

Your Nama Cold Press Juicer is built to last many years of daily juicing and gives you peace of mind with a 10 year warranty.**

More Juice

The Nama cold press juicing process yields more juice from the same amount of ingredients than with high speed juicers.*

Less Time

Spend less time chopping ingredients thanks to Pure Press Technology of the Nama Cold Press Juicer.

Visit our Beginner’s Guide for helpful tips and juicing topics to help you on your path to wellness.

We’re Here to Help

Download the Quick Start Guide or the User Manual for easy reference when using your Vitality 5800 Cold Press Juicer.

*compared with market leading fast juicer.

**10 year warranty on motor. 2 year warranty on all other parts.