Banana Cookie Ice Cream

A flavor combination that is sure to deliver. Smooth with a cookie crunch!


  • 2 Frozen bananas
  • 5 Cookies
  • 2 Tbsp condensed milk


  1. Cut banana into 5 pieces and freeze them or use frozen bananas.
  2. Cut cookies in half.
  3. Prepare the sorbet strainer and open the juice cap.
  4. Place juice container under the juice outlet.
  5. Prepare frozen banana, oreo cookies and condensed milk.
  6. Take turns inserting ingredients. Alternate between ingredients.
  7. Scoop out ice cream and enjoy.
  • Cut your fruits into 2 inch (5cm) pieces and place them in a freezer for half a day.
  • Adjust the amount of condensed milk depending on your preference.