Sweet and Savory Red Juice

Makes approx. 16 oz


This juice is delicious with its earthy beet and rainbow chard combination. I changed the recipe slightly from one called “Red Crush” in the book “Juice It” by Robin Asbell. As mentioned in the book, beets contain nitrates and pigments that may help lower blood pressure and this is why it is said that many athletes are now drinking beet juice to improve performance. ⁣



  • 1 - large beet
  • 3-5 - rainbow chard leaves⁣
  • 2 - medium size tomatoes, cut to easily feed into your juicer⁣
  • 1 - red pepper, with its core, stem and seeds removed and cut into quarters


  1. Wash ingredients thoroughly.
  2. Cut all ingredients into appropriate size for the juicer.
  3. Feed all ingredients through the juicer and enjoy!