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The Ultimate List of Black-Owned Farms & Food Gardens

I stumbled onto this fantastic resource on LinkedIn recently and wanted to share it with our community. Not only is it a list (mainly US based) of black owned farms, but an entire site dedicated to promoting black businesses globally. Founded by Tony O. Lawson and Shantrelle P. Lewis in Philadelphia, here is an exerpt from the site regarding the business:

“Since 2015, we have profiled thousands of businesses and interviewed hundreds of entrepreneurs and professionals from New York to Nigeria, all in the name of celebrating Black Business excellence and encouraging our community to invest in itself and to #SHOPPEBLACK.”

The site includes a wide range of subjects beyond business. You will find interviews and articles on aesthetic, culture, health, love and thought. Do you have a black-owned business?  You can submit your business into their database.

To see the full list of farms and food gardens (and explore the site), visit Be sure to check out the comments too as many more people have added their businesses to the list. And there are a few additional international ones.

Nama is passionate about connecting with local resources to enhance our wellness journeys. We are also committed to fostering supportive communities everyday. No matter where you live, there is no time like the present to support your local farmer and farm markets. There is power in connecting to the source of all things nurturing.

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