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A Journal for Curiosity, Community and Inspiration


Welcome to the Nama Journal.  

Here at Nama, we believe that health and wellness comes from a wide interconnection of mental, physical, emotional and environmental factors. We know that we effect one step in the wellness journey by helping our customers to consume more fruits and vegetables. We know from our own experience that one step can lead to another and having curiosity, community and inspiration can help us be healthier. In our Journal we want to share the health and wellness stories we come across.

We have divided the journal into a few sections to help you navigate. In our Article section we feature a wide spectrum of topics. From “How to Pick the Best Produce” to deep dives into various healing principles. In the Interview section we share the inspiring stories of individuals who got curious about their  health which led them on some unique wellness journeys. There are conversations around raising children with a plant based diet to recovery stories from severe health crises. In the Reviews section we have customers and colleagues weighing in on their experience with Nama products. In the News section we share links to compelling information we come across. In our Community section we share stories about ways our community members are participating in gardening, juicing and wellness. In the Inspiration section we share some extraordinary movies, books and information about health, wellness and the environment. Lastly, our Blog is a place to find stories from our Nama team members, you can learn more about our diverse health interests and how that informs the work we do at Nama.

Grab a glass of juice or a warm cup of tea and enjoy!