Why is my juicer leaking? – Nama



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Q. Why is my juicer leaking?

A few quarter-size droplets of juice on the base are completely normal. This could be from loading the produce, opening the juicer cap, or from the pulp outlet.

If your juicer is leaking excessively, please follow the tips below: 

1. Make sure the pulp lever is in the closed position while juicing. 
2. Make sure to empty the chamber before it fills to the top. 
3. Make sure the orange mid-gear is firmly in place.
4. Make sure stringy fibers of produce like celery, aren't lifting/separating the seal around the center post in the chamber  

If none of this works and your auger is still stuck, please email us at support@namawell.com and send a photo of your serial number (barcode on bottom of juicer) as well as your order number and shipping address and we'll send out a replacement right away!