Q. What if I want to return it?
We offer a 30 day satisfaction guarantee!
If you’re not happy with your juicer you may request a return for a full refund up to 30 days from the date of delivery.

We do honor return requests after 30 and up to 90 days. Please note that a restocking fee will be applied to returns initiated 31-90 days after the date of delivery.

We do not accept returns after 90 days.

We do ask customers to pay for their return shipping costs.
You can read more about our return policy here:
Q. Can I use a voltage adapter?
We do not recommend using a voltage adapter.

Juicers used with a voltage adapter will not be covered by warranty, so we recommend purchasing the model with the correct voltage for your location.
Q. Can I use a plug adapter?
Yes. If we do not offer the specific plug type you are looking for you may purchase any of our 220v models to use with a plug adapter
Q. Which model should I buy?

If you’re outside of North America you’ll need a 220v juicer.

We offer 3 plug types for our 220v models.

Shop 220v Nama J2 Juicers here

Shop 220v Vitality 5800 Juicers here

Q. I haven’t received my package yet (lost in transit/on hold for duties)
In our experience, most missing packages turn up within a few days.

If your juicer does not arrive within 10 business days from the ship date please check to see if DHL has contacted you to arrange payment of any import or duty fees.

Duties/import fees are paid to DHL upon delivery.
Q. Do you ship to APOs?
International orders ship with DHL so we are unable to deliver to APO’s.
Q. Do I have to pay additional international fees?

Yes, duties and/or import fees will be assessed by your local customs agency and are due upon delivery.

Import/duties fees are separate from shipping fees which are paid at checkout.

Q. Can I apply for a payment plan?
We are working to add a payment plan option for our international customers, but for now, we only offer financing to our U.S. customers.
Q. How long does shipping take?
All international orders ship with DHL in 1-2 business days. Delivery time is usually 5-8 business days but can vary depending on your shipping address and payment of import or duty fees.
Q. How much is shipping?
Shipping cost will depend on your shipping address. For the best price estimate please complete a mock checkout with your desired shipping address.

***Please note that import or duty fees are not prepaid and will be due at the time of delivery.
Q. Do you ship to my country?

We ship to most places worldwide!

The best way to confirm that we can ship to your country is to complete a mock checkout.

Shop 220v Nama J2 Juicers here
Shop 220v Vitality 5800 Juicers here

We offer 3 plug types for our 220v international models.

***Please note that import or duty fees are not prepaid and will be due at the time of delivery

Q. A certain model that I’m looking for is out of stock, what can I do?
All models of our international juicers (UK, AU/NZ, EU) are 220-240 volt.

You can purchase either of those plug types and use a plug adapter.
Q. Do you have any other distributors?
UK Juicers is our official distributor for the United Kingdom.
Please feel free to visit their website here:

For warranty and return information for orders placed with UK Juicers please contact them directly:

We do not currently have any other international distributors.

Interested in becoming a distributor? Please reach out to us via with your website and any other information you would like to share.