Q. Is my strainer covered by warranty?
Yes, two year warranty, see here.
Q. Can I return my strainer?
Yes. If you’re not happy with your pulp strainer please contact us to initiate a return.
Q. Pulp is still getting in my juice
Some small amount of insoluble fiber is normal. If you are seeing much more than expected please make sure your pulp exit gasket is firmly in place. Please also ensure you are using the fine mesh strainer and not the course (smoothie) strainer.
Q. Is my strainer dishwasher safe?


Please note that it is the only part of your juicer that is dishwasher safe.
Please watch the video below for more info on how to clean your juicer.

Cleaning your Juicer

Q. Why should I use a strainer?

You might like to use a strainer if you prefer a juice with less insoluble fiber (pulp).

It’s totally up to you, pulp can be quite good for you. Learn everything you need to know about pulp here.