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Buying Guide

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Both juicers make high quality, cold-pressed juice and more. With the Vitality 5800 | J1, you feed the ingredients in one at a time, and with the J2, you load once and walk away

Nama Juicer Models

Cold Press Juicer
Easy to Clean
Easy to Use
Maximum Yield (up to 60% more juice) Maximum Yield
(up to 60% more juice)
Cost Per Juice (savings over time) Cost Per Juice
(savings over time)
Less Waste (dry pulp) Less Waste
(dry pulp)
Pure Press Technology (minimizes oxidation) Pure Press Technology
(minimizes oxidation)
Strainers Included
Juice / Smoothie / Sorbet
Juice / Smoothie
Makes Plant Based Milks
Hands - Free Juicing
Whole Recipe Loading
Safe for Children
Quiet Operation
Payment Plan
Warranty Guarantee*
10 Years
15 Years
Better for Bulk Juicing
Multi - Tasking / Less Produce Prep
Color Options**
Black, White, Silver
Black / White

*Warranty: 10-15 years on juicer motors and two years on parts. Read our full warranites here.

**Vitality 5800 | J1 is not available in black and white for international models.