Vitality 5800 Juicer – Nama
Q. My hopper is stuck in place, what can I do?

Please make sure to always use the reverse button for 20 seconds after juicing to help release some of the pressure inside the chamber, and make the hopper easier to remove.

Q. Why is my juicer leaking?
A few quarter-size droplets of juice on the base are completely normal. This could be from loading the produce, opening the juicer cap, or from the pulp outlet.
Q. My auger is stuck inside the strainer. How do I get it out?

There are a couple of things you can do. Reassemble the juicer, open the pulp lever and juice cap, and put the juicer in reverse for 20 seconds. When you try to remove the auger, make sure you are lifting up with two hands, each hand on the top of the two blades. Instead of pulling, try rocking the parts back and forth while lifting. Lastly, you can try soaking it in warm soapy for a few hours.

If all of these things are in order and your auger is still stuck, please let us know via, and we will send you a replacement right away.

Q. Why is there pulp under the auger and jammed in the pulp chute?

Having some pulp under the auger and in the pulp chute is completely normal. This is how the pulp exit was designed to make sure pulp continues to exit no matter how much you juice (even though it may seem "clogged"), as long as pulp keeps pushing out of the pulp chute (might slant to the side - very normal) it's completely normal.

Q. Celery and other fibrous produce tends to clog the pulp chute. How do I prevent that?

We actually find that cutting the celery into smaller pieces (2-3 inches) and then alternating it with other produce yields the best results. The more dense fiber from the other produce helps to nudge the stringy fibers out of the pulp exit and can help minimize clogging.

You might also notice that sometimes pulp will only exit from one side- don't be alarmed, this is completely normal and part of the design.

Please see this video about pulp design.

Q. My chamber is rocking from side to side, is this normal?

This is completely normal as the base is not attached to the chamber. The stronger torque on our machine will cause minor rocking and that is perfectly normal. The stronger torque in our machine allows you to juice hard and fibrous produce.

Q. Why is my pulp coming out wet?
For produce such as cucumber and watermelon that have a higher water content, the pulp can come out slightly wet. It is best to mix in drier produce such as kale to maximize yield. Please make sure your pulp control lever is in the close position.
Q. My juicer won’t turn on?

Please make sure your juicer is correctly assembled as there is a safety switch that needs to be triggered in order for the juicer to turn on. Please make sure to test out a few outlets as well and press the reset button if necessary.

Q. I can’t put the pulp control lever to the open position?

The open position is only for cleaning and can not be reached while the chamber is on the base. Make sure to keep the pulp control lever in the close position, and only to the half-open position near the end of juicing.

Q. Is the juicer dishwasher safe?
We recommend hand washing all components of your juicer to prolong the use of your juicer. The heat from the dishwasher can weaken the plastic of your juicer, especially the juice, smoothie, and sorbet strainer.
Q. What is cold press juicing?
Our Cold Press Juicer uses True Taste Extraction, where the auger will slowly press fruits and vegetables against the 6,612 micro-perforations in the juice strainer. This action opens the food’s cell membranes and releases its deep-seated nutrients and enzymes. It also maximizes the extraction of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients, resulting in rich colors and pure flavors of juice. The slow RPM ensures that it does not disrupt the cellular structure of fruits and vegetables, minimizing oxidation and heat, preserving the precious enzymes and nutrients closest to its natural form.
Q. Why is there foam in my juice?
The foam that occurs is due to the reaction of insoluble fiber with the oxygen and is very normal. Feel free to give it a stir and it should get rid of some of the foam. You can also strain the juice once to remove some of the foam. The amount of foam you get from leafy greens can vary by the season or type of veggie you are getting, so sometimes the foam can be more or less.
Q. There’s a lot of residue on my juicer, is there a way to remove them?

Make sure to always hand wash each component and dry immediately after washing to remove any produce residue and prevent any water marks.

Feel free to follow the instruction below for a deeper clean:

  1. Soak the components in warm water (until the component is submerged).
  2. Add citric acid (100g) and baking soda (100g) into water and soak overnight. Follow the 1:1 ratio.
  3. Use the cleaning brush to scrub off any marks or stains.

Q. My chamber is stuck on the base?

Typically the chamber will loosen up from the base after 1 or 2 days. Clean and set a side. Please make sure to always use the reverse button for 15 seconds after juicing to loosen each component. Make sure all components are assembled correctly or else it may cause the chamber to get stuck on the base.

Q. I want to learn more about my Nama juicer, where can I go?

Check out some of our helpful videos here.

Q. How can I get a replacement part?
Please reach out to us with your order number, description of the issue, image/video of the issue, and your updated shipping address (if different from original shipping address) via and we will get that replaced for you.